The Burton L. Norton Company is a highly specialized company with over a half of a century of experience in the restoration and reconstruction of electrical components for modern, classic and antique combustion engines.

Rebuilding and restoration of:

  • Distributors
  • Generators and alternators
  • Starters, starter drives and solenoids
  • Cutouts and regulators
  • Electrical and mechanical gauges

Parts & Rebuilt Units

We maintain a substantial parts warehouse. We do not repair, we rebuild. We use only American made top-of-the-line original parts in our rebuilding.

We completely disassemble, clean, and check all moving parts assuring they meet manufacturer's original specifications and performance standards.

We do not offer parts for sale, but we do sell complete rebuilt generators, starters, and distributors. These are covered with our full 12 month warranty.

1928-29 Delco-Remy
La Salle generator
1925 Buick Master
starter-generator unit
1932 Delco-Remy
Pontiac generator


Burton Norton customers are always satisfied.

Dear Bill,

I have the distributor you overhauled back in my 1956 Thunderbird and it is running perfectly. I had always had a miss at idle speed and the tachometer needle was always jiggling a bit. Both problems are gone so the vacuum leak in the distributor must have been the culprit. The dwell was right at 27 degrees and when I timed it at 6 degrees BTC the dwell was still right on the money. It is going to be great fun driving the T-Bird this year thanks to you. I will certainly pass the word to all of the members of the Chicagoland Classic Thunderbird Club (CCTC). We have about 150 members so maybe some more business will come your way.

Many Thanks,
Arlington Heights, IL

Dear Sir,

Concerning my 1954 Chevy starter motor, which you rebuilt several months ago, I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent workmanship, which you did for me.

My 54 Chevy starts beautifully, and again I say thanks for an excellent job.

Thanks Sincerely,
Lebanon, PA